CI/CD Tools

Enabling developer productivity

Deluxe is in the process of open sourcing tools we use as part of our CI/CD processes, and the first such project we’ve released to the community is Mold. Mold is a tool to help test, build, package, and publish your application completely within a containerized environment.  It automates the process of installing and validating dependencies, to packaging and publishing your image to a registry. Mold is critical to our CI/CD processes and addresses some of the shortcomings we have found with Docker Compose, specifically with managing the order of image builds, and separating build images from deployment images.

All of our build tools are CI/CD platform agnostic so you can leverage the platform of your choice. We have other projects in the pipeline we’re excited to release including tools that enforce microservice compliance/standards, as well as a microservice catalog/registry with built-in dependency graphing.

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An event-driven orchestration pipeline

The digital supply chain is a complex ecosystem that Deluxe addresses by utilizing highly distributed systems that are capable of bursting on-demand and efficiently processing video content libraries at a rate of over 1,000 titles per day. We achieve this through our orchestration pipeline, which is fundamental to our day-to-day operations here at Deluxe.

Floop is a tool that is integral to our event-driven orchestration pipeline as it augments any process to provide event based lifecycle callbacks. Floop takes a process and wraps it to perform user-defined actions at different phases of a long running process. We hope you find it as useful as we do. 

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Content Encoding

Deluxe encodes content at scale - over 140,000 assets per month

Our encoding farm can encode over 7 million minutes of content per week while at full capacity.  Addressing the challenges of large scale encoding is a non-trivial exercise and we look forward to releasing some of the work we’ve done here to the community.

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